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Brands, animators, players, associations… The Dojo Esport gathers international experts to animate the discussions and build the future of esports with you.
A unique opportunity to develop your networks, to get in touch with numerous esports professionals and to meet people through dedicated networking sessions.
By bringing together many professionals from different perspectives, the Dojo Esport workshops help you follow the market trends and find solutions to your issues.

Save the dateCity Hall of Paris - January 26th, 2018

Doors open - Breakfast 09:00
Presentation of the day and by Olivier Morin
What will esports look like in 2027?
2017 was a pivotal year for esport. The creation of franchised leagues and the commodification of broadcasting rights are going to transform the sector. In an attempt to understand the perspectives of evolution of this market, let us plan together what esport will look like in ten years.
Break 11:30
Publisher : almighty yet fragile
As right holders of disciplines on which millions of players compete, video game publishers play a major role in the development of esports. In between trust position and over-exposure to risks, how can we understand the positioning and strategy of these key players?
Lunch break - Networking
Should esports be broadcast on TV? TBS, MTG, OGN, BEIN SPORTS, CANAL PLUS - All over the world, major TV channels are set to conquer the esports world as if this discipline was a new eldorado. The goal is clear: look more appealing and reach a new target, young people.
But when it comes to esports, TV audiences don’t seem to go up while streaming platforms gather more and more people every month.
What if esports and television were those two friends that can’t seem to get on well together?
How to work with publishers? In order to develop esports, let’s open the dialogue with publishers! To what extent can we collaborate with them? What are the business opportunities?
Players, clubs, companies, associations… everyone should become familiar with the publishers’ needs.
Associations: the case for amateur esports Esports is developing quickly, but it is absolutely essential to unite behind the banner of amateur esports. It is the first step towards the official recognition of our discipline.Associations only
Break 16:45
Cross Analysis: Esports Audience vs Games Consumption
End of the day Cocktail 17:30
Closing doors 19:00
They will come
Riot Games
Nuit Blanche
Association Futurolan
LNL Consulting
Gamers Origin
The Pawn
La Source
Electronic Arts
Meltdown Esports Bars
And more...
Key points to take from the first edition
Interviews with our specialists

Y-aura-t-il un jour de l’esport aux Jeux Olympiques ?

Published the 27/07/17 by Clément Authié

En avril 2017, le géant de l’internet chinois Alibaba annonçait que l’esport serait une discipline o...


Dojo Esport : À la recherche du R.O.I.

Published the 17/07/17 by Quentin Missault

Seconde conférence du DOJO Esport, animée par Jonas Ferry, responsable marketing chez Scuf Gaming, “...


Comment développer nos associations ?

Published the 12/07/17 by Jean-Baptiste Saelens

Le tissu associatif français a toujours été et restera le moteur du sport électronique en France. Ma...


Faut-il mieux protéger les joueurs ?

Published the 11/07/17 by

Nul besoin d’affirmer que l’esport est aujourd’hui à un tournant de sa jeune histoire. Encore amateu...

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Retour sur le Dojo E-sport

Published the 14/02/18 by Cooldown

Le 26 janvier, tout le gratin de l’esport français était réuni au sein de la mairie de Paris pour assister à la deuxième édition du Dojo Esport organisé par Au programme : des confére...


Les éditeurs de jeux sont-ils le talon d’Achille du développement de l’esport ?

Published the 06/02/18 by Cb News

Comment les éditeurs peuvent-ils ériger l’esport au statut de sport démocratisé, mission quasiment d’intérêt général, alors que leurs motivations sont forcément vouées à satisfaire des intérêts privés...


Le monde de l'e-sport tente de se projeter en 2027

Published the 30/01/18 by Le Monde

Interfaces biométriques, système de « draft » façon NBA, nouvelles disciplines phares… A l’occasion du second Dojo e-sport, plusieurs experts des compétitions de jeu vidéo ont tenté de dessiner le fut...

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